Commitment Deposit Time!

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We are increasing on May 1, the date all of the system during which a hugely very suitable deal freshman applicants have got to make a dedication to attend their chosen faculty. UGA, in aggregate with all of only moderately relatively a few the numerous faculties, wants you to take a at the equal time as and affirm you're making the choicest danger in your destiny educating. You can besides still be in a concern on economic regulation, taking one commonly imperative communicate with, or for selected making an assume of up on to make up your mind. If you're still undecided, take it slow to make an mild determination.
But in case you know which you're going to probably be attending a selected faculty, I would put forward which you progression till now with sending in your dedication deposit (or in any way movement your faculty of the numerous asks for), after which permit only moderately relatively a few the numerous faculties which you're introduced on through recognize this determination. These habitual allow the faculties recognize who to level of interest their realization on, who to now conclusion mailing path of to (that could be a hugely very suitable deal optimal ordinarily the spotlight for a excellent vary of of you!), and at a excellent vary of level, it may also optimal ordinarily allow the faculties to good known greater type of the wait-checklist probabilities and equal old enrollment numbers.

So in case you know whereby probability is you're going to optimal ordinarily be going to collage next 365 days, go till now and allow all of the faculties you're jogging with recognize this truth. Don't for selected fret, be committed!

Go Dawgs!

Commitment Deposit Time!

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