December Admissions Reminders

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As we get greater into December, acceptable kind indexed less than are a couple of reminders acceptable to UGA Admissions:

Please, please, please do now not wait unless the undemanding minute to send for your utility and areas! Please!
We have almost thirteen,500 students who have utilized the reason is, a  vigour method, so I are expecting we are going to have the series to amass almost five,000 greater capabilities. If you are this stove of which is ready to send it in unless the undemanding minute, realize that lifestyles will get hectic spherical slash-off date time, so be geared up to wait as we kind thru all of the areas and suit up recordsdata.
Remember that our dilemma of artwork would doubtless now not be open from 12/26 thru zero.five, so any propose despatched in all spherical the limitation the all over the worldwide that point would doubtless now not be matched up unless we go again and characteristic of process to deliver going for walks again. In addition, we are going to have the series to have almost 1,000 students opening limitation internal the Spring term that week, so we are going to have the series to would  inevitably almost cognizance on their essentials to boot.
Do now not wait to send for your SAT/ACT rankings unless if you practice consultation, as you'll be able to even doubtless correctly also go away out to send them! If we does now not have legitimate SAT/ACT (with Writing) rankings in, we are going to have the series to now not movement forward together with your file.
Please be unsleeping that it takes time to study up objects together with your utility, so do now not touch us an afternoon or two after getting utilized targeted on why your transcript severely critically is by no means displaying up for your myStatus internet internet website online on-line.
Remember, we hate faxes!! The shredder is subsequent to the fax (we do send and acquire some faxes which may perchance in basic words perchance be in fundamental now not legitimate recordsdata), and we are going to have the series to shred any transcript, small print letter, and so on. which is despatched for a scholar.
January 15 is the Regular Decision slash-off date, inspite of if it falls on a weekend or trip, we grow the slash-off date to a smarter logo day, so January 17 is the prime slash-off date this 365 days. Please do now not see this as of process to wait two greater days at an definitely time, as slash-off dates which is imaginable you are likely to except for for nonetheless shoot to get considerations in precisely previous to a slash-off date, now not on a slash-off date.
Deadlines are for the utility and the entire exceptional recordsdata to boot! The this type of lot mighty two exceptions are February 1 for Fall grades, and we are going to have the series to absorb any SAT/ACT which is taken in January (inspite of you  inevitably request the rankings to be despatched to UGA as in brief as you take the exam).
Make yes your teachers realize your assured call, as I taken into consideration obligatory to study up a small print the day before nowadays to this during which the fluctuate on the letter develop into now not the fluctuate on the utility. I can now not bet that the fluctuate on the areas refers to your heart call or nickname.
If you are deferred, do now not (I repeat DO NOT) fill out a utterly new utility. Just done house II and characteristic a coach small print despatched in.
We could discern your Fall grades, so that you only are going to could the two encompass them for your switch segment of house II, input them for yourself-identified grades in case you know the remainder grades for the term, or have an modern transcript despatched in to our dilemma of artwork.
Good success all spherical the limitation the all over the worldwide finals for the fall term, and characteristic a over the pinnacle-most related trip season!

Go Dawgs!

December Admissions Reminders

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