How to Write the Perfect Introduction

The introduction to any piece of prepared work that is adopted by assignment writersthrough traditional essay writing services, is recognised as one of, if not the, most important parts ofthe essay writing process. The introduction, therefore, needs to be effective in order that the reader is encouraged by assignment writers to continue reading the paper to its conclusion.Image result for How to Write the Perfect Introduction

Arguably, this is the most difficult part of any written paper and effective assignment writers consider that the function of the introduction is also intended to create:

  • An effective first impression that encourages continued reader interest in the paper and its content. This could include an overview of the subject or topic area but which is directly linked to the actual question.
  • Lay out the direction of the paper and offer an early identification of the areas that were researched.
  • Provide an explanation and, sometimes, a justification for the methodology that has been chosen in completing the paper.
  • The introduction also requires assignment writers to identify early on the structure of the paper and its component parts.
  • Occasionally, where there is room, it is beneficial to identify and define any key terms that are used within the main body of the paper.
  • Finally, it is also a good practice to identity and research conclusions or findings within the introduction.

In effect, therefore, the introduction acts as a bridge between the paper’s content and the need for the writer to convey a message that attracts the reader to continue his or her interest in the content of the essay. Researchers who offer essay writing services are well versed in the art of promoting the content of any assignment that they write and utilise accepted models that promote the importance of the introduction when assessed against the remainder of the paper. So, how much of the word count should the introduction take up?

A general rule of thumb for the introduction sees that section accounting for between five and ten percent of the overall word count. This means that where a paper has a total word count of 4000 words then up to 400 are dedicated to the introduction. Therefore, using this example, an assignment writer has limited space to respond to the above listed five or six key components of any introduction.

Meeting these requirements in an effective and successful manner is central to the creation of a well thought out essay and is a primary consideration for all successful assignment writers and essay writing services.


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