Learn Russian the RussiaGo! Way

Learn Russian the RussiaGo! Way

Russian language has had a reputation as being a difficult language to learn. The cryptic alphabets, the grammar and lesser popularity as a world language make this language seem less approachable. However, this language is not as difficult as it seems. In fact the Language Difficulty Ranking by The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US Department of Stateranks it as lesser difficult than Japanese or Korean.

If you are travelling to Russia, learning the language becomes necessary since very few people in Russia speak English. Understanding the language enables you to explore the vast nation, its culture and connect with its people and heritage.

In order to learn a language that is totally unknown for a person, one would want to join a language-learning course, or get an audio course. You may try your hands with books available on the subject. However, the most natural way for anybody to learn a new language is by listening and speaking the language. A child is able to learn the language easily since he/she has been listening to it right frombirth. In fact, right from the time baby was in the mother’s womb,he/she could listen and after coming into this world could easily relate to the spoken words and learn it naturally. One may find a language exchange partner, wherein both the participants exchange their language. In today’s age, a language may be learnt online with the Online Courses. Going online is the most efficient way to learn a language, since you get access to professional teachers from the community and can be assured of best-in-class lessons. You need not travel to the location where the language is spoken natively, yet speak and listen to the language through online tools.

RussiaGo!is an online language school that uses skype to effectively manage communication between the teachers and students. They provide high quality lessons delivered by experienced and talented instructors. All the lessons are private. So a student can learn at his or her own pace rather than having to cope with other students or the instructor.  Private language lessons are usually expensive. However with RussiaGo, you can get the benefits of private lessons at very low prices. The site operates 24 hours a day. You can learn from anywhere in the world, anytime to fit your schedule. Members can take lessons from the comfort of home using Skype. This learning mechanism is highly effective and cost-efficient. The tuition fee is very reasonable, making it easier to continue. There are different fees plans available and you can select a plan as per your needs. The cost is as low as $5 per lesson.Moreover, they also offer the first trial lesson for just $1!Most of the tutors are Russian or Ukrainian women, so you can be assured of learning the language from its natives. All the tutors speak English to support your learning. You can view the instructors profile and select your instructor for each lesson.

With RussioGo, you can listen the language, speak it and learn it the most efficient way!